Up Your Campaign's Conversion Rate With A Custom Landing Page
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Design for a Specific Goal and Clear Call to Action.

Landing pages, like any other digital marketing tool, should be focused on one specific goal and a clear CTA. Define the goal for your page – this defines your CTA.

Your call to action should be clearly tied to your goal, and should be supported by everything else on your landing page. Your headline, content, images, links and overall layout should be focused on that one central topic and the specific click-path you want your visitors to take.

Define Your Clear And Focused Call To Action

Event Promotion — Provides full details for your upcoming event.
Fundraiser — Feature a fundraising event or charity drive.
Service Showcase – Showcase a new or existing service to a specific user/market.
Product Showcase – Showcase an existing product to a specific user/market.
Product/Business Launch — Showcase a new or existing service focused on a specific vertical market.
Click-Through — Create a keyword/ad focused landing page that will generate high quality score in Adwords.
Category/Brand Micro-Site — Create a landing page focused on a brand or business category.
Coming Soon Teaser — Create a landing page that provides preview of upcoming product/event launch

Highlight Your Specific Marketing Objective

Order Now — Users can purchase directly from your landing page using PayPal payment buttons (buy, donate, subscribe)
Subscribe — Users provide email address to subscribe to your newsletter, mailing list, vip list, waiting list etc.
Learn More — Users click through your landing page to an existing page on your website.
Download Now — Users must provide contact details to download ebook, pdf, report, whitepaper, article etc.
Add To Calendar — Users can add the details of the event directly to their calendar with one click
Sign Up — Users provide contact info for event, volunteer, reserve spot/item, pre-order, request free sample, apply now etc.
Contact — Users provide contact info to book appointment, request consultation, get a quote, send question, more info



Less is More, Simple is Best

Landing pages should be much simpler in design than your other pages, excluding navigation or other links that would distract visitors. Everything on your page should serve the single purpose of supporting your CTA.

Clear, Compelling, and Consise

Copy should be clear, concise, and persuasive. Most visitors to your landing page are already interested, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay interested. Tell your visitors what they want to know as concisely as possible, and direct them to respond to your CTA quickly


Your landing page should echo your website’s design to reinforce branding. Use standard company logos, look-and-feel, color schemes, and font choices.

Centered, Single-Column Layout

Studies have shown that centered, single-column landing pages convert best. Again, less is more, and K.I.S.S. rules.

Only Ask for the Vitals

If your landing page includes a form, ask only for the most vital information. Maximize subscriptions by asking for an email address only. Anything more decreases the chance they’ll complete and submit the form

Good Design

Visual appeal is key. Good design supports the call to action, and the simpler your page and its design, the more likely it is to convert.

Minimal Images, Larger Fonts

Your landing pages should use only one or, at most, two images. Avoid visual clutter or anything that detracts from your message and call to action. Use Larger fonts to clearly convey and emphasize your message.

Remove Navigation

Landing pages shouldn’t include your usual site navigation. The only clickable links should be your call to action, possibly a link to more information for the undecided, and linking your logo to your homepage is common practice.

Everyting Else is Clutter
Pay Attention to the Fold

Debate rages about “the fold” in web design, however for landing pages, above the fold is vital.

Your CTA should be near the top of the page where users can click without having to scroll. Visitors might scroll to read more, but some will be ready to act as soon as they arrive, based on the email or link that brought them, or they’re already familiar with your product or services. Putting your CTA above the fold makes things easier for visitors and will increase conversions.

Don’t neglect your visitors who scroll. For longer pages, make sure CTAs appear at regular intervals on your page, tied to content. This becomes more important as pages get longer. Make sure that your users have to do minimal scrolling once they decide to convert.



Give us your content, images, and design ideas, and we’ll assemble a mobile-friendly page according to your specs and vision, branded with the look and feel of your marketing piece as well as your website, uploaded to your site and ready to launch.

Purchase a DIY Landing Page PackagePurchase a DIY Landing Page Package


Tell us your vision, goals for your campaign, and company logo and branding graphics, and we’ll assemble a winning responsive design based in industry best-practices and upload the finished design to your site.

We provide copywriting, professional stock images, layout and design.

Purchase Custom Landing Page PackagePurchase Custom Landing Page Package